Children's Easter Outfits and Dresses

With perfectly coordinating children's outfits for Easter, we offer a wide selection of matching brother and sister clothing for your family; including many WOODEN SOLDIER exclusive designs.

We carry Children's Easter Dresses, Children's Easter Clothes & Outfits, Kids Easter Outfits, Matching Easter Outfits, Boys Easter Outfits, Girls Easter Outfits

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Bunnies In A Basket Matching Easter Outfits

Bunnies In A Basket Outfits

Pretty Pink Pollyanna Girls Dress

Pretty Pink Pollyanna Dress

Aqua Gingham Sister Dresses

Aqua Gingham Sister Dresses

Palette of Spring Pastels Girls Silk Dress

Palette of Spring Pastels Silk Dress

Bright Pink Diamonds Sister Dresses

Bright Pink Diamonds Dress

Bunny Beauty Easter Dresses

Bunny Beauty Easter Dress

Bunny Stripes Matching Easter Dresses

Bunny Stripes Easter Dresses

Bunny Stripes Boys Matching Easter Outfits

Bunny Stripes Easter Outfits

Bunny Stripes Baby Easter Sweater

Bunny Stripes Girl's Sweater

Cottontail Easter Sweater

Cottontail Easter Sweater

Blue Bunny Purse

Blue Bunny Purse

On The Bunny Trail Matching Easter Outfits

On The Bunny Trail