It's the perfect time of year to take advantage of our special deals. From children's special occasion attire to casual kids' outfits, we have plenty of items to choose from. Quantities are limited, so shop now!

Wooden Soldier Sale: We carry Girls Special Occasion Dresses Sale, Boys Special Occasion Clothing Sale

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Sparkling Champagne Silver Sequins Dress
$238-$248 : $189-$198
Lapland Girls Cape
$89-$108 : $49-$65
Lapland Girls A-Line Jacket
$98-$128 : $59-$79
Lapland Girls Dress
$86-$98 : $59-$69
Dapper In Plaid Boys Set
$148-$156 : $98
Silver Royalty Toddler Vest and Pant Set
$138-$148 : $98
Golden Shimmer Girl's Party Dress
$164-$176 : $129-$139
British Pleats Winter Wool Coat
$189 : $139